The company " d’Ailleurs "

- Walkabout street theatre shows -

These walkabout shows can be performed indoors or out.
The duration of the performance is flexible depending on the space and the artistic and technical requirements.
Our work combines various types of performance: street theatre, physical theatre, movement, masks and puppets.
Our street theatre shows, walkabout stilt-walking shows, events, young people’s theatre shows, pyrotechnic carnival parades
and Christmas shows have toured to the streets, alleys, woods, squares and nooks and crannies of more than 20 countries.

Walkabout street theatre shows

A Man and a Woman
Lucienne and Robert walk around the town, in the pedestrianized streets, In a wood, in a square.
Of street and flower
Anotnello y Romeo, son los pasajeros de una época, en la que había tiempo de encuentros.
Stories to dream standing up
Isidore loves stories Stories love Isidore
The Alchemists
Three apprentice researchers Pulling their handcart in search of “their” philosopher’s stone.
The miraculous fairy-elves
For a whole long year Aura and Flora have prepared their trip They have secretly gathered up our dreams
Talk to me somewhere else
A long time ago Miranda and Giuseppe had to leave their country of birth. They took with them only the essential things.

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